My marketing consulting services aim to guide authors who don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing—or don’t want to deal with it. Writers want to spend their time writing—not navigating the tangle of promo newsletters and advertisements and social media sites. Whether you’re brand new to self-publishing or you’ve been around since the days of KU1, I have something to help.

My goal here is not only to ease the burden of thinking about marketing on your end, but also to make sure the whole process is transparent so that you can learn too, and take what you’ve learned from me and apply it to future endeavors. I want to help authors feel more confident about their marketing efforts so they can reach their financial or personal goals.

My consulting service is $70/hour. We can schedule a one-hour meeting over Slack, Skype, or your preferred method of communication. If that’s all you need—great! If you want to continue meeting, I offer a discount on subsequent hours.

In our meeting, we’ll talk about your career goals, what you’re doing already and what is/isn’t working, your branding, and your plans for future books. Each meeting can be tailored towards your concerns and I’ll do my best to ensure you walk away feeling more confident and knowledgeable than when you started.

All clients receive:

  • Additional support for follow up questions over email/chat
  • Lifetime access to resources I create, such as worksheets and lists of trusted service providers
  • Discounts on all my other services (editing, beta reading, promotion)
  • First look at new articles I write in my knowledge base
  • First look at promotional opportunities (Facebook parties, bundles, etc.)

If you’re not sure what your needs are, check out these descriptions and see if any of these fit. These can serve as starting points for our discussion.

Brand New Author – for those who have zero idea where to start

You’re a new author (or someone starting a new pen name) who hasn’t published their first book yet. You know you want to launch a successful book, but you’re not sure where to start when it comes to marketing. We’ll come up with a marketing plan to ensure your book has the best possible chance of success, and to make sure you understand fundamentals of ebook marketing so you feel more confident in future endeavors. We’ll get you your training wheels to get you started on your career as a self-published author!

Experienced Author – for those who need to revamp their brand

You’re not a newcomer to this self-publishing thing, but at this point, you either want to outsource your marketing, so you don’t have to think about it, or you’re feeling a little lost about which direction to take your career. We’ll review your current marketing strategies and come up with a plan to move forward. Whether that means a new subgenre, a brand revamp, or just fine-tuning your existing methods, we’ll figure out how you can take your career to the next level.

Individual Book/Series Launch – for those who want to focus on a single book/series

If you’re an experienced author, but you want to make sure your new book or series has the best chance of success, we can work together to come up with a plan for a strong launch and maintained success for a series. Ideally, we would work together in the early stages of writing a book so we can figure out how to best place it in the market, but if it’s already ready to go, no worries—we’ll identify the promotional methods that will serve it best and decide how to best capitalize on its momentum.