If you’re a writer of MM or FF romance, you’ll want to know about the promo services I offer. In such a comparatively small genre like LGBT romance, it’s important to identify the services with the best ROI to get as much traction as you can. Sweet & Spicy Gay Romance Deals is one of the best promotional services for LGBT romance, so be sure to submit your book!

Promotional Newsletter

Sweet & Spicy Gay Romance Deals is a newsletter for MM romance that goes out every Thursday. New releases are accepted at full price, while older titles must be free or discounted. You can submit your book via the website, and when the book is confirmed for a newsletter, I send out an invoice. The newsletter is carefully curated to offer the best quality books and deals to subscribers.

The cost for a spot is $10, while the #1 spot in each newsletter is an extra $10. For an additional $5, authors can reserve a spot without submitting a cover or blurb.

We also have a burgeoning FF list which I plan to aggressively build starting in 2018. The FF list is free for now.

ARC Services

Sweet & Spicy maintains an ARC service so that authors have a one stop shop for getting those coveted reviews. The ARC team is carefully managed by myself to ensure that authors only get high quality reviews, and that the list only comprises of active reviewers. We are currently building the list, adding new reviewers every week. ARC batches go out on Tuesdays and the service is free for now.

We plan to build an FF ARC team starting in 2018.

Promotional Opportunities

Authors who promo with Sweet & Spicy will be among the first to know about promotional opportunities. In the past, we’ve done short story bundles and Facebook parties, as well as seasonal promotions like “The 12 Days of ChristMMas,” in which authors could promote a discounted book or submit a free title to help build their lists. These events are free to participate in.