I have been editing professionally for several years and have found that I truly enjoy polishing works of fiction and getting them ready to share with readers. I offer two levels of editing services, as well as beta reading.

Proofreading – $1.50/500 words or $.003/word

If you need another pair of eyeballs to go over your manuscript, I will comb it for typos and minor grammatical issues. I can also “Americanize” your British prose. Please submit as clean a manuscript as possible, as this is intended to be a final pass before the story goes for publishing.

Copyediting – $2.50/500 words or $.005/word

This includes proofreading, rewording awkward sentences, and fixing repetition, tense/POV issues, style, and word choice. I will help make your prose smoother, more precise, and more readable. I will also point out logical errors and inconsistencies in the story and do some fact-checking if necessary. I defer to CMOS (Chicago Manual) on matters of style.

Beta Reading – $2.00/500 words or $.004/word

I will make comments in your document to suggest areas where you can enhance the plot, characterization, and other elements. My goal will be to strengthen your book and perfect it for the market and readers. If you have specific concerns, I will keep an eye out for those. I will provide detailed feedback in an email regarding different aspects of the book, as well as specific concerns you have. This service includes light proofreading.

I am comfortable beta reading LGBT fiction, sci fi romance, bad boy romance, post apocalyptic, and cozy mystery, among other genres.

Free Sample

Feel free to send me up to 1500 words from your story to decide between my services or see if I’m a good fit for you.


Manuscripts up to 35k words will be returned within 24 hours, as long as you’ve booked a slot a week or more in advance and have sent me the manuscript by 9 am U.S. EST (1 pm GMT) that day. Manuscripts up to 70k words or booked less than a week in advance will be returned within 48 hours of submission. If you have a longer manuscript or need a rush order, please PM me to discuss it.


  • I take payment via Paypal, but am open to other methods. Invoices that are $150+ may require a deposit.
  • Word docs are preferred, as I mark edits with Track Changes and Comments, but I am also able to edit in Google Docs.
  • Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed—I will never share your pen names, book content/details, or personal information.